John McFee

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Guitarist/Composer John McFee, Doobie Brother, adds added dimension to native American character in BBC-5’s American import Milford-Haven, an original radio soap opera.

A five-time grammy winner, guitarist John McFee is a veteran of more recording studios, concert stages, and compositions than there are notes to play.

And “notes” is what he plays in Milford-Haven — creating the musical dialogue for the mythical and mystical character known– for now– only as “Notes.”

“Notes”, who hails from another dimension, was created by Milford-Haven’s producer Mara Purl after extensive research into Native American mythology and legend. In his own dimension the character can speak (and is portrayed by Native American actor Michael Horse), but in this dimension he can communicate only through music, and only a musician with such skill and emotional depth as John McFee would make the character succeed.

On a personal “note”, the musical challenge was heightened by the fact that the “Notes” character’s love interest is portrayed by John’s real-life wife, actress Marcy McFee.

Known best as one of the Doobie Brothers (check out the Doobie Brothers website!), John also headed up the third largest country band in the U.S., “Southern Pacific,” hailed by Billboard Magazine as New Group of the Year. He spends a portion of each year producing and touring with Japan’s best known rock star, Eikichi Yozawa.

McFee’s personal convictions and awareness of the plight of the Native American lead him to compose the moving song “Trail of Tears” almost simultaneously with his being recruited as a musician cast member of Milford-Haven. This, along with the haunting ballad “Can’t You See,” co-written with Mara Purl, are featured as a part of Milford-Haven.