Colby Chester

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Actor Colby Chester portrays the romantic lead in BBC-5’s American import, environmental radio soap opera Milford-Haven.

Not even his rich voice and handsome looks are enough to divert audiences’ attention from Colby’s stunning talent, as U.S. television audiences know from his appearances in over 30 programs including “From Here To Eternity,” “Police Woman,” “Kojak,” “Six Million Dollar Man,” and perhaps most familiar to U.K. audiences, “Dynasty.”

Feature films include “The Hindenburg” and the acclaimed “Salvador.” Most recently Colby’s popularity has lept into high gear through his stardom on the CBS serial “The Young and Restless,” making him one of the heart throbs of U.S. daytime television. He is also the Ford Motor Company on-camera spokesman for the Northwestern section of the country.

To read more about Colby’s extensive acting career, visit his IMDb page.

Colby also appeared as “Austin Healy,” the star sleuth of his own radio drama series, performed live at the prestigious Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles, and broadcast to L.A. listeners. Avidly interested in environmental affairs, Colby recently published his first collection of poems, “Seizing Paradise,” the title poem of which makes commentary on the discovery of Ndoki, the last untrampled rainforest. And his creative endeavors include partnership with three other performers in the production company Mixed Company which creates original dramatic and literary radio programming.

His Milford-Haven character “Zackery Calvin,” as heir to the Calvin Oil fortune, is the most eligible bachelor in town until he’s snapped up by social-climber-bombshell “Cynthia.” As though “Zack’s” life weren’t complicated enough, he’s in for a bumpy ride when he finds he’s also attracted to “Miranda,” an environmentalist who vehemently opposes oil companies, but who seems unwittingly drawn to him.

Is it “Cynthia” or ” Miranda” who wins the tug of war over “Zack”? To find out, tune in to Milford-Haven, U.S.A.