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Sally's Restaurant

Welcome to the heartbeat of Milford-Haven. Homey, comfortable, well-worn from the day it opened it's doors for business.

It's true that screen door does screech, but we've all gotten used to it by now. Those ruffled curtains on the lower half of the windows don't hide much from passers by. When you come in you have three options for seating: a booth, a round table, or a seat at the counter - but you'll have to compete with the regulars for counter space.

That coffee maker behind the counter is always dripping some hot, fresh brew, and at least 7 local calendars hang on the wall - high praise from the neighbors. Oh and on the counter there are always two covered cake-plates, one filled with home made pie, and one filled with oversized, home made cinnamon rolls.

Hey there. My name is Sally. Well, you know that by now 'cuz this is my restaur'nt. You think I talk funny? Wait'll you hear how I sound when I get excited. Well you know what they say, you can take the girl outta Arkansas, but you can't take the Arkansas outta the girl. Proud of it too.

Anyway. This is THE place for breakfast and lunch. I own it. Worked hard to get it. Still work hard every day ta keep it. I start my biscuits at 4 every morning, but don't you try and come in here 'till 6. That's when they come outta the oven, and the first pot o' coffee is ready to pour.

Secrets? Well sure I like secrets! I figure if you tell 'em in my restaur'nt and I just HAPPEN to overhear 'em - they're my secrets too. Sounds fair doesn't it?

Ya'll come back now.

Sally's Restaurant

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