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The Clark House

Hi, I'm Chris Christian. I'm in a hurry to file my story for tonight's news, so I'm dictating this. A new home is being built in the Central Coast, said to be the most spectacular dwelling ever built here since Citizen Hearst built the castle. Called the Clarke House, after its absent and seemingly mysterious owner, at this point it's an unfinished structure set on a bluff overlooking the ocean. The site is spectacular. Even in its skeletal form, it's clear the house will be huge, and special. The enourmous handmade fireplace is completed except for its missing hearth, where a gaping hole waits for a slab of Italian marble. Upright 2x4s wait for sheetrock, bare sheetrock waits for sanding; rough plywood floors wait for hand-finished oak floor panels, and what will later be oak pillars are now just exposed support beams. It appears the ceilings will be extra high. But after hours, the place is treacherous and creepy. This reporter, for one, would rather come back in the daylight - and be invited for a tour when it's finished.

The Clark House

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