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Christmas Angels - Short Stories from Milford-Haven
Reader's comments
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Here's what other readers have said:

"We enjoyed your new book 'Christmas Angels'! The stories are very evocative. The attention to detail, together with the economy and specificity of the detail create a rich, layered world. We hope you have a lot of good luck with it. "
– Vickery Turner and Michael Shannon, Los Angeles

"I LOVED Christmas Angels. Read it while visiting back East in my solitary room with the snow and barren trees outside. It was an excellent companion. Beautiful work!"
– Katherine Doughtie, Los Angeles

"Angel Key Ring"
I did so enjoy Christmas Angels . Your writing is very strong, because you put such power into your verbs. That is so often the stamp of the amateur: passive verbs, way too many adjectives and an abundance of exclamation marks. But your verbs are active, your imagery original, and your characters so very real. I was most moved by Angel Key Ring especially by the letter written to Zack by his long-dead mother. Very, very touching. You produce such an overwhelming volume of work, yet your standards never quaver. All in all, it's the quality that most impresses.
– Miranda Kenrick, Tokyo, Japan

"Angel on a Rope"

"Mara Purl's writing shows the wonders of the heavens are a metaphor for the wonders in our lives. Her insightful story sheds light on both."
– Kerry M. Joels, Ph.D.
Former Curator, National Air & Space Museum
Best-selling Author, Space Shuttle Operator's Manual

"Last Angel on the Tree"

"Last Angel on the Tree is a charming, soft-hearted read for anyone with a penchant for Christmases or cats. Mara Purl has captured our gentle yearning for a sweeter holiday season. Although the story is full and complete, as is the case with all well-written stories, I still want to know what happened next. "
– Kathe Tanner, The Cambrian

"Painting Angels"

"Your stories continue to amaze me. What wonderful visual writing! As a painter, I find the words in your stories mirror so many of my own thought processes. The flow of your stories is like looking into a clear pool of water that reflects many of my own artistic experiences. Awesome!"
– Mary Helsaple, Artist & Documentarian
Colorado Council on the Arts Governor's Award,
Emmy Award

"Hardware Angel"

Mara Purl's story is beautifully told, with exquisite detail and gripping scenes that take you into the lives of these characters in a suspenseful and riveting way that will keep you reading rapidly to find out the ending. She has a wonderful way with words and images. "
– Sam Summerlin
New York Times Syndicate, Former President

"Hardware Angel is beautiful. Mara Purl writes elegantly. She had me from the start. The story brought back a flood of memories. For example, most of us felt we could control nothing out there in the jungle in combat. We were helpless and that feeling was overwhelming. It was less for the officers than the soldiers as we did determine where we would move. Her making the soldier say that the few square inches of his carving was the only thing he could control was uncannily accurate. GREAT READING."
– M. Gen. Burn Loeffke (Ret.)

"Hardware Angel is a wonderful story to come out at Christmas... but great anytime. Semper Fidelis.
– General Charles Krulak

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Christmas Angels

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