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Nobody's Fault (Book Five)
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Here's what other readers have said:

"I'm really involved with this whole "crowd" in Milford-Haven. Needless to say, I've been enjoying the books tremendously. I knew as soon as I realized "Nobody's Fault" was about an earthquake that the body of that poor reporter would be found. I haven't quite finished the last one because I can't stand living on the edge all the time – these cliffhangers really get to me! When does the next book come out??"
- Colin Webster Watson, Palm Springs, California

"Your book is astounding! I had no idea. I just loved it. I love these characters! I spent my whole vacation reading your book. Now I'm making plans for spending the weekend reading your next one!"
- Madelon Miles, CEO Milestones, Inc., LA, CA

"As Director of UNAVCO and Radiometrics, I study and measure the movement of tectonic plates via satellite imagery. I found the first four of Mara Purl's series on Milford-Haven quite captivating. I particularly like the forays into various spiritual, psychological and technical realms. Her insights
into art, music, and nature seem to emerge in a way similar to their appearance in life. Quite an impressive creation. After helping with her with research for "Nobody's Fault", it was fun to read and see she'd woven the threads of facts into the fabric well."
- Dr. Randolph "Stick" Ware

"Mara Purl's descriptions are so vivid! You go into Miranda's kitchen and your eye travels across the counters and you see the room. You read about Zack and you can see his face. And the plot keeps me intrigued - now that the body has been discovered, do they really understand what happened to Chris? And the science in this book is fascinating - I thought "faults" were just cracks, I didn't know what they meant in terms of what was happening under ground. Once again, I find I'm learning so much from reading Mara Purl's books. And then with the visuals, I feel as though I'm traveling. I'm reading as slowly as possible so I don't have to wait too long for book 6!"
- Jean Smith, Colorado Springs

"I loved your book! I came right home and scarfed it down. It's really a gift, this ability you have to do this beautiful writing. I love the storyline and the way it's going. And it was fun that your character visited Durango, Colorado. We've stayed at the Strater many times, and I could picture the beautiful rooms so clearly -- I didn't know about the secret panels in the lobby! We'll have to visit again and take a careful look."
- Barbara Harrison, Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Author Mara Purl Nobody's Fault (Book Five)

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