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What the Heart Knows (Book One)
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Here's what other readers have said:

"I got so involved with your story, I'm dying to read book two!"
- Jan Mergy, San Diego, California

"Your book was excellent! You're a wonderful writer, with such vivid descriptions and such gripping characters. But you left me hanging! My goodness I've got to have the next book immediately!"
- Jan Snyder, Van Nuys, California

"The book is lots of fun. I read a few more pages last night and it seems to be hitting all the right things. Well-drawn characters, fun style of prose...now I'm just waiting to see how the plot unravels. Good stuff."
- Kathy Doughtie, Pasadena, California

"You annoyed me with how you left me hanging at the end of Book One - but all is forgiven because I didn't have to wait too long for Book Two. This is a great story and it keeps getting deeper."
- Shirley Katzman, Colorado Springs, Colorado

"I just finished What The Heart Knows. I really like the fact that you give such good descriptions of people!"
- Sandy Kurker, Indianapolis, Indiana

"I have just read "What The Heart Knows" with great enjoyment. All your characters are vivid and each one is memorable. Although there are a lot of them, there's no confusing them. You have excellent control of each one and scatter your hints and clues which I look forward to having explained/ expanded upon. You are well on your way to giving Danielle Steel a run for her money."
- Miranda Kenrick, Tokyo, Japan

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Author Mara Purl
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