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Here's what other readers have said:

The Milford-Haven story is very accessible to a lot of people, and it's very well written so it holds your attention. It's so fun to read! The characters are very real and you wonder - what's next? In addition to the fun, it's important for all segments of society to gain awareness of what's going on with the Earth. With these unusual novels, Mara Purl is reaching an audience that normally isn't reached by this information. I think these are fun - and important - books for people to read.
- Pilulaw Khus

"As assistant director of the Mathews Memorial Library, I have made sure the Milford-Haven novels have been entered into our collection and are now circulating. Patrons have enjoyed reading this series and we look forward to Mara Purl's next installment!"
- Shirley Abrams
  Assistant Director
  The Mathews Memorial Library

Mara Purl has such an insight into human nature, that her books are about solving the problems of life.
- Laurance Doyle, PhD

Reader's comments on:
  "What the Heart Knows"
  "Closer Than You Think"
  "Child Secrets"
  "Cause & Conscience"

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"What The Heart Knows" (Book 1)
"Closer Than You Think" (Book 2)
"Child Secrets" (Book 3)
"Cause & Conscience" (Book 4)
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"Christmas Angels"

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