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Closer Than You Think (Book Two)
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Here's what other readers have said:

"I just finished Child Secrets. I think I would have to say that it is by far and away the best of the series. I found the novel intriguing and fascinating, while eduactional and entertaining. I am amazed on how the complex lives of Milford-Haven only seem to get more complex with time. I can't imagine what will happen to these indiviudals by the "end" of their fictional life time..."
- Erin Michelson, Nevada City, California

"I'm almost finished reading Mara Purl's 'Child Secrets' and I can hardly wait to get back to it! Her descriptions are so detailed you can clearly see exactly what she wants you to see, whether it's an abandoned kitten half tarred into the side of a road, an unfinished house being built out on a bluff, or a beautiful sunset at 'the Cove.' I'd enjoyed the first two books in her series, 'What The Heart Knows' and 'Closer Than You Think,' and I was curious to find out exactly whose childhood secrets would be revealed in this book. I was fascinated to discover that everyone's childhood secrets are being disclosed, and it makes the characters so rich. There's so much going on in this book, and there are several cliffhangers. Everything seems to be going right for Miranda, and yet she reveals a wistfulness and a fear of losing her soul. What could that mean?? And those Chernaks! I dread to discover what that Wilhelm will be up to next, but I just have to find out what it is. And I must say, though it's disguised as pure enjoyment, I find I'm learning a lot from reading these books, especially this one. I found out all kinds of things about how to do a search on the internet, how an offshore oil rig works, how a professional singer prepares, what a mountain biker wears, how fresh hot biscuits are made, and the list goes on. I learn things without even realizing I'm learning them. If I weren't working with clients today, I'd be home reading 'Child Secrets!'"
- Jean Smith, Colorado Springs

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Author Mara Purl
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