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Cause and Conscience (Book Four)
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Here's what other readers have said:

"We have both enjoyed your latest book, "Cause and Conscience," ever so much! We have talked about it over morning coffee and during tea time repasts, and because I am a typer, it is my pleasure to put together and summarize our thoughts. Your books are fun to read and easy to read. You have a terrific talent for coming up with new situations, new characters and new conflicts that hold one's interest age after page. It is a delightful book. We were also especially impressed by the research you have put into the book to ensure that the scenes and locales have authenticity. We really felt that we were actually in Santa Barbara and in Alaska. You convinced us! And your skill at creating a wide variety of interesting characters is just amazing. It's a real treat to go through the book constantly being surprised by the variety of people and conflicts. In short, we loved the book and admire it deeply. We look forward to the coming events. As Tennessee Williams used to say in conclusion, 'En avant!'" (Hunter) "I really loved "Cause and Conscience." I brought along "Child Secrets" so I could refresh my memory. You do a great job! Cannot wait for book number five!" (Lynn)
- Hunter and Lynn Frost, San Diego, California

"I just sat down and read/finished your book "Cause and Conscience" from cover to cover. It was really good. It was great! I can't tell you how well I think you write. I see how you use yourself so well as a writer and I'm very impressed and proud of your ability/agility."
- Kathleen Arc Hibald (karc@compuserve.com)

"Cause and Conscience is a gorgeous book. I was both moved by the characters and informed by the issues - a very winning combination. And from book to book in this engaging series of novels, the story continues to move along in a very satisfying way. This book answered the questions posed by previous books and raised more questions I can hardly wait to have answered by the next book. My advice to the author - keep writing!"
- A reader, Colorado Springs

"I tried to stretch out my reading time of Cause and Conscience, but it was just impossible. I couldn't put it down and I didn't want it to end! The descriptions are so clear, I feel I'm right there with the characters. When Susan fell at the unfinished house, I wanted her to get rescued, but not too soon because I'm convinced the body of the missing reporter is going to turn up! The adventures Miranda gets into...going to Alaska and going camping with a man she doesn't know well yet -- pretty brave, if you ask me. It was like going to Alaska myself to read about the scenery and the people. And that evil Wilhelm Chernak gives me the shivers. I feel for his wife and I'm just praying she gets away from him. And I look forward to Samantha's journal at the end of each novel. She really says some deep things which make me think. When can we expect Book Five??"
- Jean Smith, Colorado Springs

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Cause & Conscience (Book Four)

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