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Foley Artist David L. Krebs

David L. Krebs
6517 West 77th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90045
(310) 645-9622

Summary: Fifteen years of recorded & live sound effects design and performance for TV & radio spots, childrens' audio products, education, industrial, corporate video & audio products, games, consumer information services, and over 200 radio drama episodes.

Radio Projects: Recorded Programs: Sound Effects/ Foley Artist:

"Milford-Haven" by Mara Purl
Episodes Aired 1- 80 on KJDJ, KOTR, KVEC, KRYN, WGMC

"Milford-Haven, U.S.A." by Mara Purl,
Episodes 1-60 aired on BBC Radio 5, 4.5 million listeners.
Most challenging sfx: off-shore oil rig explosion as heard and felt from perspective of a diver submerged beneath the rig.

American Radio Theatre (A.R.T.)
Three Seasons of "A.R.T. Presents"
original programs aired on KPFK

"Birtha And..." by David L. Krebs & Associates
16 Episodes aired on College Stations

"Dimension of Imagination" by David L. Krebs
sci-fi & horror original radio series aired on KPFK

Radio Projects: Live Performances: Sound Effects/ Foley Artist

Wells Fargo Radio theater by Rosemary & Newell Alexander
20 Radio Drama Productions aired on KMPC, KLTE (KSCA)

Radio Live concerts, LACC performances 1994, 1995

Theatre: Live Sound Effects

Mark Taper Forum, "Wild Oats". Drama-Logue Award.

Company of Angels, "Garage Sale". Drama-Logue Award.

Smugly Absurd Performance Art Troupe.
WWII production "But What About Me"

Radio Workshops: Teaching

Los Angeles City College

Santa Monica College

University of Southern California (USC)

Voice Over Workshop- Afterhours Recording Company

Milford-Haven Productions'
"Student Radio Soap" by Mara Purl
Foley classes for students at San Pedro High School, Chatsworth High School, L.A. County High School for the Arts; Fountain Valley School; Crittenton High School.

Training: On-the-job training with mentors:

Cliff Thorsness
(Orson Welles & Mercury Theatre; Jack Benny; Edward G. Robinson

Bud Tollefson (NBC Sound Effects)

Ray Ehrlenborn (California Artists Radio Theatre 1980s productions)


1970 M.S., University of California at L.A. (UCLA)

1968 B.S., UCLA

Foley Artist David L. Krebs

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