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Marcy McFee

Actress Marcy McFee is featured as a regular cast member in BBC-5's American import Milford-Haven, an original radio soap opera.

Portraying "Susan", one of the characters who undergoes perhaps more change than anyone else in the fictitious town of Milford-Haven, Marcy McFee begins the series as a manipulative, seductive secretary at the Environmental Planning Commission.

Things begin to change when she encounters the mythical and mystical character known-- for now-- only as "Notes", portrayed by two performers.

"Notes", who hails from another dimension, was created by Milford-Haven's producer Mara Purl after extensive research into Native American mythology and legend. In his own dimension the character can speak (and is portrayed by Native American actor Michael Horse). But in "this" dimension he can communicate only through music, and Marcy's real-life husband, well known guitarist John McFee brings that side of "Notes" to life.

Marcy has done several commercials and theatrical performances close to home in California's beautiful Santa Inez Valley. She also has made an extensive study into her own distant Cherokee heritage, and shares with her husband a deep awareness of indigenous American culture. In an uncanny personal parallel, it is particularly appropriate that "Susan" begins to discover her own Native American roots through "Notes", something listeners will enjoy as Milford-Haven unfolds.

The transformations in "Susan" are matched in Marcy's own experience. Now a physician of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Marcy McFee is in family practice and runs the Valley Clinic of Oriental Medicine in Solvang.

Marcy McFee

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