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Erin Gray

Well known actress Erin Gray portrays producer/actress's sister in BBC-5's successful American import, radio soap opera Milford-Haven.

Making her dramatic radio series debut in the original series created by friend and colleague Mara Purl, Erin plays "Meredith Jones", sister to the now well known heroine of Milford-Haven "Miranda Jones" enacted by Mara.

Opposites in many ways, successful stock broker and savvy business woman "Meredith" is a counterpoint to bleeding-heart liberal "Miranda". While "Meredith" is kind when it comes to her sister, she's got a cruel streak when it comes to men, and her arrival in Milford-Haven raises the temperature in the little California town several degrees.

Erin's own success as the face that launched some of America's most glamorous beauty products was already legendary before she made the career change from model to actress. Since then Erin has made her mark as the star of two long-running television series, twelve television films, scores of episodic appearances, and numerous feature films including the most recently released "Official Denial" co-starring Parker Stevenson.

Her first series was "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century" in which her sleek, futuristic Colonel became a role model for the female audience, and an unforgettable image for the male population. But it was as "Kate" in "Silver Spoons" that Erin showed the U.S. what it would be like to be a wife, mother, and successful career woman, all of which she did not only on screen but in her personal life as well.

Among her numerous television movies are "Addicted To His Love" with Barry Bostwick, "Perry Mason" with Raymond Burr, "Evening in Byzantium" with Glen Ford and Shirley Jones, and "Breaking Home Ties" with Jason Robards and Eva Marie Saint. Episodic guest starring roles include "L.A. Law", "Evening Shade" with Burt Reynolds, and "Murder She Wrote" with Angela Lansbury.

Ms. Gray and her husband well known Director of Photography Richard Hissong are producing a video on Tai Chi, and Erin frequently does public speaking. She and Mara Purl together wrote the definitive book on set protocol, "Act Right," and give seminars based on their book nationally. They also co-produced a Public Service Announcement about domestic violence.

Check out Erin's website at:  www.eringray.com

Erin Gray

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