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Freedom Barry

Freedom Barry brings a distinctive dialect to Milford-Haven as the Narrator.

With his unmistakable Maine "twang", and a true Yankee given name to match, Freedom appears as the "voice" of Milford-Haven, an omniscient character who carries listeners along from one story-line to the next. Indispensable in minimizing confusion, perhaps the Narrator's most important contribution is adding the touch of toungue-in-cheek humor which is Milford-Haven's signature.

A resident of California's Central Coast town of Cambria-- Milford-Haven's prototype-- Freedom is a legend in California's Central Coast, not only as the "voice" of Milford-Haven, but as spokesman for the William Randolph Hearst Castle, both in the acclaimed video "In The Shadow Of The Castle" (which rents as frequently as "Citizen Kane"), and as a historian and former guide at the Castle. Recent voice work includes numerous radio spots, such as those for Culligan Water, and Blakeslee & Blakeslee Financial Planners, and for the environmental television program "America The Bountiful."

A distinguished lecturer who toured the U.S. extensively, Freedom also starred in such plays as "Dear Brutus", "The Man Who Came to Dinner", "The Gingerbread Lady", "Stage Struck", and "The King Fisher". Other appearances include performance readings for such works as "Spofford", "The Fifth Season", "The Cocktail Hour", and "The Circle". He is also an avid pianist, having graduated in piano at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston.

Freedom's voice weaves a web of intrigue between each episode bringing listeners up-to-date from the previous show through a humorous "recap" and finally tantalizing them with the signature "closing questions",-- questions listeners will only be able to answer by tuning in to the next episode of... Milford-Haven."

Freedom Barry

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