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Radio Drama

Milford-Haven, U.S.A.
The BBC Radio Phenomenon enjoyed by 4.5 million listeners throughout the U.K.!

Now available on audio cassette!
Attractively packaged with 4 complete episodes per boxed set. 2 cassettes, 4 episodes per box.
Running Time: approx. 92:00 minutes

Episodes 1-4
1 - "Welcome to Milford-Haven"
2 - "Discoveries"
3 - "Secret Gifts"
4 - "Driving Home"
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Episodes 5-8
5 - "Weaving Tangled Webs"
6 - "It's A Date"
7 - "Reunion Concert"
8 - "Under Cover"
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Episodes 9-12
9 - "Hot Lunch"
10 - "Danger in the Deep"
11 - "Taking a Hit"
12 - "The Trap"
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Starring original BBC Cast members... Lloyd Battista, Ed Begley, Jr., Colby Chester, Erin Gray, Lisa Harrison, Michael Horse, Linda Purl, Sally Rainer, and many more...

With original music by Marilyn Harris & Mark Wolfram, and original sounds effects by David L. Krebs.

Creator-Producer Mara Purl is the author of the popular Milford-Haven novels, What The Heart Knows, Closer Than You Think and Child Secrets. Hear the show that started America's and Britain's love affair with Milford-Haven and put Small-Town, U.S.A. on the international map. A former actress (Days of Our Lives) and journalist (Financial Times, Rolling Stone, Associated Press), Mara assembles an ensemble cast and creates a world 4.5 million listeners tuned in to weekly.

"Mara Purl's mix of a soap-opera format is a smash hit in Britain!"
- The Los Angeles Times

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Collect all 60 original BBC Episodes!

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