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Milford-Haven, U.S.A.
Special Broadcast on Haven 107 FM

Milford-Haven, U.S.A.," the hit BBC Radio phenomenon, and the first American radio soap opera to be created in decades, is back on the air for a special broadcast season in Wales.

In the heart of Pembroke -- just a stone's throw away from Milford Haven, Wales -- a young man has a vision: to create a local radio station. In a country dominated by the BBC, one of the most well-established broadcasters in the world, no one has ventured forth on local broadcasting waters. If Keri Jones has his way, this will all change.

Meanwhile, on the West Coast of the US, a young woman's vision led to her create a small radio drama which would later sweep the broadcasting world with its unprecedented success. "Milford-Haven, U.S.A." -- the namesake of the original town in Wales -- traveled across the sea and was broadcast by the BBC itself to 4.5 million loyal fans. But Mara Purl didn't stop there.

Now devoting most of her time to writing the hit series of novels based on her famous radio show, Mara couldn't resist the opportunity to help a fellow visionary. So when Keri Jones asked if he could use her popular show to help establish his radio station, she agreed immediately.

The result is roaring success -- fans both new and old of the original radio drama are tuning in, and Haven 107 FMis establishing a strong listening base.

"It's bedlam -- but it's working!" exclaimed Mr. Jones. "We can barely keep up with the demands of a 24-hour schedule, but this is just what the community wanted and needed."

"This is very exciting for us," echoed Ms. Purl. "We've established very special ties between "Milford-Haven U.S.A." and Milford Haven, Wales -- this is a perfect opportunity to reach out to a community dear to my heart. I wrote and produced 14 brand new promos for Haven 107 which I called "A Milford-Haven Minute." Each 60-second piece lets the audience in on one of the secrets of creating radio drama. I wanted to do something special for the Pembrokeshire audience which was never broadcast on the BBC."

Haven 107 has been granted a temporary broadcast schedule as part of the British government licensing process. If all goes well, the station will be on the air permanently. With a trans-Atlantic cooperation under its belt, and tremendous community support for the new station, the prospects are bright.

Haven 107 FM

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